Magic Leap With Unity

Magic Leap Development Using Unity

One thing inTech has gone over is how to develop for the Magic Leap mixed reality headset (ML1) using the Unity game engine. Below are the necessary steps to setup your project and have it ready to deploy to the ML1.

Step by Step Guide

1. Sign in or create an account on the Magic Leap website.

2. Download the Magic Leap – The Lab

3. After the download is complete, on the right top corner, open the Package Manager.

4. Choose the Unity – 3D Creation Bundle option.

5. On the right side, mark all the options and then apply changes.

6. Download Unity

7. After the download is complete, you will need to sign in or create an account with Unity (You can see this on the right top corner).

8. After you sign in, create a new license.

9. Go back to the main page and on the “Installs”, choose “add”.

  • Choose Unity 2019.2.18f1
  • Select Lumin OS (Magic Leap) Build Support.
  • Click done.

10. Download the Template offered by Magic Leap

11. Open the Magic Leap site again and go to the Publish.

  • Go to Certificates.

12. Add a new certificate and download it. You will need to download also, the certificate and the private key. Put both in a folder.

13. On Unity, add the certification.

  • Go to Edit.
  • Project Settings.
  • Publish Settings.
  • Find the certification.

14. On Unity, change the Bundle Identifier. It can’t be “”, it must be unique

  • Go to Edit.
  • Project Settings
  • Publish Settings.
  • Find the Bundle Identifier.
  • Change it to something unique. For example, isamat2223323.

After all these steps, your project should be ready to be deployed on the Magic Leap Headset.