inTech GameJam 2021

In Summer 2021, we once again held our GameJam. This time, teams had 2 months to create their games centered around the horror genre. Take a look at the winners and all the games that came out of this event!


1st Place

Finding Serena

Misha Franco Britney Peter

In this game, you follow a woman named Maya who explores a mysterious dream set in the deep sea. Wounds from the past are reopened within the dream.. do we ever get to find out what happened five years ago? This game can only be downloaded by Windows users. There is also a YouTube video in the link below.

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2nd Place

The Nightman Cometh


This horror game appears to be set in an underground dungeon of some sort. Further information needed.

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Luis Andi Daniel Alice Plou

This game ...

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FNAF Collect A Thon

Chris Rhodas Malique Fabiana Jeremy

This is a horror game that requires you to collect falling humans for the animatronic monsters. However, you must avoid Nicholas Cage. Click the link below!

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