This page is dedicated to documenting the content of the meetings. Some meetings have recordings and resources, but others may not. Feel free to explore everything we have done semester-by-semester!

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Fall 2021

Ye Olde HTML & CSS Nov 2021

In this presentation, we learned about the ways of the ancient web developers and how we have advanced since then.

Non-Fungible Tokens Nov 2021

We learned a little bit about blockchain, cryptocurrency and mostly about NFTs with inTech member Diego and artist Violet Forest.

What Brings Women to Tech? Nov 2021

We had a great conversation about the barriers that women have in the tech industry, and we talked about what brought us to tech.

Plutohacks Oct 2021

Broward College had their first hackathon under the PlutoHacks name. This year, it was a virtual hackathon.

Pen Testing Oct 2021

We learned about penetration testing and the ethics behind it.

Web Analytics Oct 2021

We learned how to track website data with Google Analytics and how to use Google Tag Manager.

Data Privacy Oct 2021

We had a presentation and conversation surrounding data privacy.

Chart.js Sept 2021

We learned about a JavaScript library called Chart.js, which is a data visualization tool that allows you to create charts for the web.

Data Visualization Sept 2021

Professor Fenick covers a presentation on the future and impact of data visualization, using the Tableau platform.

Typeracer Tourney Sept 2021

A tournament we held to determine which major is the best typist. Check out the outcome!

Summer 2021

GameJam May - July 2021

A project whereby members teamed up together to create a game. We also held workshops discussing different aspects of game development.

Spring 2021

Career Series Apr 2021

We had a variety of meetings discussing portfolios, freelancing, internships, and how to secure a job.

Intro to Unreal Apr 2021

A fellow inTech member, Rafael, leads a series of workshops on how to use the Unreal game engine.

Intro to Godot Apr 2021

A fellow inTech member, Patrick, leads a series of workshops on how to use the Godot game engine.

Women in STEM Mar 2021

We had a conversation on women in STEM with the context of growing up, education, and the work field.

Front-end Web Design Mar 2021

We discuss good website practices, and then get technical by going over CSS Flexbox and Grid.

Visual Studio Code Feb 2021

We discuss the difference between IDEs and Code Editors, and go into depth with the extensions and features that VSC has.

The Web Inspector Feb 2021

We went into detail on the developer tools that a browser has. We went into depth with the web inspector.

Net Neutrality Feb 2021

We explained in detail what Net Neutrality is, and had a group discussion about the controversy surrounding it.

API Projects Feb 2021

We introduced everyone to APIs, and everyone created a web application that utilized an API.

PC Building 101 Jan 2021

A fellow inTech member, Diego, conducts a presentation on PC components and hardware compatibility.

Programming Concepts Jan 2021

We went over several concepts in programming such as sorting algorithms and data structures.

Fall 2020

Flutter Development Dec 2020

A series on front end mobile app development using the Flutter framework.

Canvas API Drawing App Nov 2020

A series on how to develop a drawing application using the HTML5 Canvas API.

Election Challenge Nov 2020

A challenge whereby members had to figure out the vulnerabilities within an online election. Who was the true winner of the election?

Web Sockets Oct 2020

A series on how to create a chatting/messaging application using web sockets.

MS Paint x Bob Ross Oct 2020

A meeting where we present a generative adversarial network (GAN) that could essentially make MS Paint drawings come to life.

KnightHacks Oct 2020

Another hackathon we attended remotely.

ShellHacks Sept 2020

Another hackathon we attended remotely.

SillyHacks Sept 2020

Our first remote hackathon that was hosted in India.

Spark AR Sept 2020

We learned how to use the Spark AR platform, and how to create and export different filters.

Summer 2020

Django Development July - Aug 2020

A series on how to create a small social media platform using Django.

Linux Show & Tell June 2020

We presented different types of Linux distributions and showed the basics of installing and using a Linux distribution.

GameJam May - June 2020

A project whereby members teamed up together to create a game. We also held workshops discussing different aspects of game development.

Spring 2020

Website Renovations April - May 2020

A project whereby members had to renovate existing poorly designed websites from mockup to implementation.

Raspberry Pi Feb 2020

A series on how to program hardware using the Raspberry Pi. We were rudely cut off thanks to COVID-19.

Magic Leap Development Jan 2020

We learned how to develop for the Magic Leap headset (ML1) using the Unity game engine.

Blender Jan 2020

A workshop on how to use Blender with the goal of sculpting Squirtle from pokemon.

Fall 2019

Front End Development Nov 2019

A series of workshops dedicated to supplement front end development. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and brief introduction to HTML and CSS.

Technica Nov 2019

A hackathon that a group of inTech members attended, which was hosted at University of Maryland. First out-of-state hackathon attendance.

BC Hackathon Oct 2019

A hackathon hosted by Broward College, with inTech in attendance.

Unity Oct 2019

A series of workshops dealing with Unity's interface, how to script with Unity, and how to develop basic games with Unity.

ShellHacks Sept 2019

A hackathon we attended that was hosted at FIU. It was our first hackathon gathering as a club.

React Native & Firebase Aug - Sept 2019

A series dedicated to learning about using the mobile framework React Native and the database platform Firebase.

Summer 2019

Unity & Vuforia May - July 2019

A challenge was proposed to create an AR experience for a scanning business card. We learned how to create AR experiences with Unity and Vuforia.

Spring 2019

Tableau April 2019

Professor Fenick covers a presentation on the future and impact of data visualization. Check out Tableau, a platform that lets you visualize data!

Magic Leap Demo April 2019

Denise and Genevieve from Magic Leap present the Magic Leap headsets, and allow members to demo the headset!

Creating a Web App Mar - April 2019

A series on creating a web application with React JS and Flask. We created a Ron Swanson Quote Generator linked below.

HTML/CSS Workshop Feb 2019

A brief series going over the basics of coding webpages with HTML5 and CSS3.