In Memory of Dajuan

DaJuan Harris was the president of inTech and made a lasting impression on the club in Fall 2018. DaJuan was a driven and passionate student at Broward College and would later move on to Florida International University to further his education.

He continued to impact student organizations at FIU's Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) chapter as Code Director. He helped to organize their hackathons and would continue to support and uplift students at the university.

We received the unfortunate news of DaJuan's passing in February 2021 and dedicate this page to his memory.

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DaJuan was someone you wanted to get to know.

In my time at Broward College, there have always been students that I found intriguing in all my classes. I wanted to get to know them better somehow, but it was always hard for me to take that initiative. DaJuan was definitely one of those students. I had him in my C++ class, and always tried to make small talk with him.

As I became more involved in the department, I always ran into him at the lab and at inTech. He was always working on something cool, and would involve himself when a student needed help with something programming-related. His loss is truly devastating, and I regret not getting to know him better. He will be missed.

— Misha Khlioustov
Always willing to help wherever he could.

DaJuan was always the kind of person to participate and contribute wherever he could. He was always very active within the club as the president and in the BC hackathon where his project won.

Even after he left for FIU, DaJuan would occasionally visit inTech whenever he could and even helped out a few times. That was just the kind of person DaJuan was. The kind who was always willing to help out.

— Bobby Henderson
He was passionate about technology

Dajuan was a leader. He was passionate about technology and was always looking for ways to encourage his peers to be involved. As the president of the inTech club, Dajuan helped to plan fun and innovative activities that would include everyone. Dajuan was kind and always smiling, and his positive energy was infectious. I am saddened beyond words about Dajuan's passing. He will be missed by so many.

— Prof. Michelle Levine