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BC Alumni Event

Put together by the inTech club, the BC alumni event or "Tech Symposium" was held where we had a blast presenting projects, networking with industry professionals and Broward College alumni, along with eating tons of food!

After kicking off the event with a social gathering, complete with refreshments, we headed off to the main event where members of the club got to show off the projects they've been working on throughout the semester.

To finish off the day, we held a Q&A panel that consisted of successful BC alumni to share their experiences and answer questions of the club members and other attendees.

Magic Leap Stops By To Give Demo of Their Headsets

Special guests Denise Mendez (Lead System Engineer at Magic Leap) and Genevieve Mak (Head of Magic Leap's Web Platform) came out to speak about mixed reality, Magic Leap's web technology, and to give the members of the club a chance to try out the ML1 headsets!

Genevieve Mak talks with the members about her role at Magic Leap and goes into Magic Leap's Lumin web platform (Helio).