The canvas API is full of many potentials to create interactive applications. For this series, we will be creating a drawing application loaded with different tools and functionalities.B



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Tuesdays 5 PM - 6 PM
Fridays 4 PM - 6 PM

About inTech

We are the inTech club, a technology club at Broward College’s central campus. Our inTech members will develop important traits which are teamwork, commitment, and passion. Each of these is essential in today’s technology market. We want our members to feel like they are more well rounded and have accomplished something more than just getting a degree. So join us, grow, and learn with us, and become part of a terrific team.

Our mission is to provide our members with opportunities to develop their talents and sharpen their skills in the field of technology and computer science by working on collaborative projects like building a full stack app and create our portfolio websites, networking with fellow classmates and professionals in the field.

Isabella Mattua

Isabella Mattua

My name is Isabella Mattua and I am the current president of inTech and a international student here at Broward College. I recently graduated with my Associates Degree in Software Development and will start the Bachelor in Information Technology program in the CISCO Path.

Jorge Ortiz

Jorge Ortiz

V.P. of inTech. Jorge Ortiz works in the I.T. field while pursuing a bachelor's degree at Broward College. He enjoys programming in Python and Rust and prefers back-end development. Outside of school, he devotes his time to working with electronics, video games, guitar, and his cat.

Misha Khlioustov

Misha Khlioustov

I'm Misha! I just started programming a year ago and somehow became an officer. I've been more focused on web technology and I enjoy dabbling with React JS and React Native. I'm pretty agnostic about those things though, I just enjoy learning as much as I can and passing that on to others!

Bobby Henderson

Bobby Henderson

Howdy! My name is Bobby and I manage the inTech website and help organize the club. I'm also a student at Broward College with an associates in software development. With that, I plan on pursuing a bachelors in I.T. with the spatial computing focus.

Upcoming Meetings

We meet Tuesdays and Fridays. Here are upcoming meetings


Voting Project Conclusion

Conclusion of our voting app mini project

Friday 5 PM - 6 PM


Canvas API workshop

We will start our Canvas API workshop series and show how to create a drawing web application.

Tuesday 5 PM - 6 PM