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Welcome to inTech! We will be going over some essential development tools this week.



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Tuesdays 5 PM - 6 PM
Fridays 4 PM - 6 PM


About inTech

Welcome to inTech! We are a student led technology club based at Broward College's central campus. Our club encourages students to learn about tech beyond the boundaries of their classrooms. One of the most important things we would like students to take away from the club is staying engaged. The tech world is constantly changing, and it's important to pay attention to these changes. We take initiative by touching upon new topics in tech.

Some of the areas of tech we have touched upon are: web/software development, game development, robotics/engineering and security. What would you like to learn this semester?

Bobby Henderson


My name is Bobby! I'm a software developer and the current president of the inTech club. I am also a student at Broward College currently working towards getting a BAS in information technology.

Misha Khlioustov


Howdy! I'm Misha, inTech's Vice President. I do a lot of the visual work around here. I dabble in programming and graphic design. I enjoy learning whatever I can and passing on that knowledge to others!

Jorge Ortiz


Hi, I'm Luis (Lou) an officer of inTech. I'm currently pursuing an A.S degree at BC. When I started learning how to program, I wanted to be a backend developer so I focused on learning Java and C#. But after joing inTech, I saw the importance of becoming a full stack developer. Outside of school, I like to learn new things about programming and a laundry list of hobbies.

Jorge Ortiz


Hello! I'm Daniel. I'm currently a college academy student and I hope to major in mechanical engineering. I joined InTech because of my love for tech and my urge to apply what I learn. As an officer, I will learn as much as I can about tech and engage with this wonderful community.

Upcoming Meetings

We meet Tuesdays and Fridays. Here are upcoming meetings


The Web Inspector

Learn how to use a browser inspector: how to alter text, change CSS, use the console, and view other information.

Tuesday 5 PM - 6 PM

Meeting Link

Our Good Friend, Visual Studio Code

Learn about the many helpful features that VSC has to offer! On this day, we will go over helpful keyboard shortcuts and some of our favorite extensions.

Friday 4 PM - 6 PM

Meeting Link